Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Erlking: Pre-Viz Draft.01

Below is the draft.01 of the pre-viz. The soundtrack and all SFX have not been changed since the final version of the animatic, but that change is on the to-do list. PG blocked out all the scenes, I only put them together. There are still things to be fixed within the models (blendshapes, rivets) of which we are aware of, but for the pre-viz we left them faulty, for which we apologize. 


00:00 - 00:07 
* scene needs to be a little bit longer for the title to fade in and fade out
* the horse needs to be bigger
* the environment needs to be calmed down (that issue reoccurs in other shots as well)

00:07 - 00:10 
* adjusting the shot so the horse's head does not appear in the scene, only its legs (possible change, to be tested out)

00:10 - 00:26 
* instead of a cut from the Son to the Father, possibly a camera pan (possible change, to be tested out)

00:26 - 00:36
* adjusting the angle of the camera to a front view

00:43 - 00:46 
* adjusting the angle of the camera to a lower view, so the Erlking feels more royal and powerful

01:03 - 01:07
* the Father character more centered
* sort out the lip rivets problem

01:08 - 01:12 
* hold the shot for a little bit to establish the Erlking's appearance

01:13 - 01:18
* the fog enters and leaves the shot as a guide from the Son's to the Erlking's shots

01:19 - 01:30
* the Daughters rising up & dancing around the Son as one, continuous shot with a slow zoom out in the beginning to make space for the dancing sequence

01:30 - 01:35
* a cut from the dancing to the Son's close up scene

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