Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Minor Project: The Erlking - Final Design

After today's tutorial the king was still at "needs few tweaks" stage. The changes that have been made are as follow: the crown has been adjusted and it's more symmetrical now, the beard is slightly longer, the shoulders and overal body mass got slightly bigger. The balance of the neck area has been restored and the king's feet gained shoes. 


  1. much happier now! :) But... wondering about that very solid black band on his clothes; try it as texture; like the gills on a mushroom or interlocking leaves or something, because it's cutting him in half - you've got delicacy of texture above and below, and then that very strong, rather too modern band of black... not a busy texture, but something more organic?

    1. Yeah, I will do some texture tests soon! The black bands were not actually going to stay black, I only painted it because they are going to have a darker shade/darker colour than the robe : )

      P.S. The voice actor is doing a good job so far! : D