Thursday, 25 September 2014

Minor Project: Proposal

The minor project is a collaboration between me and Peta-Gaye Brown. It adapts the poem written by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (1782) The Erl King, which will continue into animated short in the major project.

For me this project is really important, not only because it's a final year piece, but also because the poem influenced my life in many ways when I was just a teenager. I waited many years to be able to use its potential and the day has finally come. I am going to make the most of it and not waste that amazing opportunity of bringing the erlking to life.
The minor project will be focused on the preparation for going into animation.

Goals: Both of us have different goals for the project and would like to gain distinctive abilities. My goal is to improve 2D skills, broaden Maya knowledge and reall focus on modelling. One of the side goals is to perhaps understand what gives me to most satisfaction in the process of creating an animation, and focus on it in order to able to carry it on after graduating.

The style that we are aiming for has been influenced by a cinematic Ryse: Son of Rome (2013) made by Platige Image. We are aiming for a romantic and paintily style with an emphasis on dynamic brush strokes and creating an engaging story.

Minor Project Goal: 
- completed pre-production;
- character models ready to animate
- environments completed

Detailed view upon the Ryse:Son of Rome:
Platige Image - Ryse:Son of Rome on Behance
Ryse: Son of Rome - Cinematic


  1. I love that cinematic, its a great place to draw inspiration from! Very pretty, despite being gory. I can't wait to see your finished animation of the Erl King.

    1. Yeah, it's a beautiful piece with an amazing style! : )