Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Creativity

This summer I decided to finally try running a small stand on a convention in Poland. I came up with an idea of 'custom drawings' which basically meant drawing people's faces on the previously prepared layouts. Below are the layouts that I really enjoyed making: 
And few fanarts just in case. Nothing big (TURTLES! : D)
Even though it didn't go as smooth as I thought it would I still feel happy that I finally decided to do it. That thought has been following me for many months and I am glad I found the courage to fulfill it. Next time it will all be better!


  1. How very enterprising, Sam :)

  2. Hey Sam - I've sent you an email to your ucreative account :)

  3. I love the backgrounds you created. They look like so much fun! And a great idea too. Well done on your stall!!!!