Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Film Still Study .01

Film still from Hellboy II: The Golden Army. I am going to make it a routine practise to study stills from various movies.


  1. Hi Sam

    Nice idea...What's the aim of the exercise? ...

    If you can afford them I would recommend:

  2. Hi Alan,
    this ideas has been given to me by the concept artist in Nexus. He said it's a good practise and it helps to understand composition, shading, colours and lighting. I will see how it goes : ))
    Thank you for book recommendations!

  3. Nice. Looking forward to seeing the analysis / results. It might be an idea to do a simple breakdown of the composition, lighting, colour etc - Rough diagramatic notes on how it all fits together.

  4. Nice study Sam, looks awesome! It's a nice idea too - I hope you don't mind me joining in :) looks like a good way to practise drawing

    1. Go ahead : ) It's a lot of fun! Share your results on your blog as well : D