Thursday, 8 May 2014

@Alan: Submission Post

1. Adaptation Part A

2. Adaptation Part B:

3. Maya Tutorials: 
Pipelane 2: Games Modelling
Part1: Games Modelling 1 (Low Res, UV Mapping)
Part 1: Games Modelling 2 (High Res, Base Normal Maps)
Part 2: Normal & Occlusion Maps (Rope Normal Map, Ambient Oclussion, Base Diffuse Maps)
Part3: Diffuse Maps & Viewport 2.0 (1) (Diffuse Maps - Stone Base, Pillars, Rope)
Part3: Diffuse Maps & Viewport 2.0 (2) (Wood and Metal, Fabric Flag, Shield, Using Vieport 2.0 for Look Developing and Rendering)

Dynamics 1: Intro to Particle Dynamics
Sketching Particles, Particles Grid, Omni Emitters
Directional Emitters, Volume Emitters, Emit From Curve, Per Point Emission
Surface Emission, Curve Flow, Emit from Particles 
Collision Events, Instancing Objects, Instance Rotation, Goal Weights,Animated Instances

Lighting & Rendering 2: Mental Ray Lighting Techniques
Samples and Quality Control, Final Gather
Linear Workflow, Physical Sun & Sky, Displacement Maps, 
Portal Lights, Mia X Material Shader, High Dynamic Range (Hdr) Lighting, Ambient Occlusion

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