Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Narrative: Designing the Main Character

Figuring out the main character for Narrative project took a lot of time. We started out with a bear who looked like a boy and then we had to change him into a boy who looks like a bear.
This is a set of developmental drawing I did in order to find the right look of that character:

Ideas for the boy's outfit. We needed him to look more round, meaning 'bear like'. Many layers of clothes and baggy trousers were something we needed: 

Figuring out children's face anatomy and features: 

Face expressions on a design we liked more than others: 

Also the boy's dad needed to be designed. It was slightly easier as we only took the bear's design from the beginning and made it entirely human. I don't know why it wasn't so easy with the boy himself!


  1. hey Sam :)

    Re. the dad - I'm thinking 'not bear enough' maybe? (if, that is, it's still important in your story that, though he's human, your audience is also thinking 'bear'?)

  2. Hi Sam...

    Regarding our conversation about the 'Fantasy' - Look up the term "Magic Realism", particularly in regard to film / animation. Example's would be Amelie (2001), The Green Mile (1999), Midnight in Paris (2011), Donnie Darko (2001). This is where reality is 'turned up to eleven' and fantasy elements occur in the real world. In terms of Fantasy this is on 'the outer edge' of the genre...the opposite extreme to things like Lord of the Rings.

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