Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fantastic Voyage: Various Stages of Maya Progression

1. Preparing the prokaryotic cell for the animation stage: 

Unfortunate disappearance of eye lids. Many deformers, hundreds of copied elements.

At first the prokaryotic cell was supposed to be textured, although I decided to have him only bum mapped as the textures where not working quite how I wanted them to. 

Comparision of the pre-viz quality and bum mapped render. 

2. Render passes - Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
Prokaryotic Cell
 - Beauty, Occlussion, Wireframe

Eukaryotic Cell 
- Beauty, Occlussion, Wireframe


  1. Looking good! I love the angry face render. Just so you know, you need to reduce the max distance of your occlusion pass as the render your getting is very grey. When you put that on top of your colour layer, you'll find it will wash out a lot of the colour, leaving you with something a bit muddy and dull.

    1. Thank you, Tom! : )) I will try to fix the occlusion pass : )

  2. I can already see that your 'Making Of' is going to be delightfully indepth and nicely organised! Looking forward to it! :)