Friday, 15 March 2013

After Effects Tutorials: Basics

After Effects:

1. Puppet Jaw

2. Reflective Text

3. Motion Path - Text

4. Motion Path - Object

5. Lungs

6. Titles

And here, an interesting quote from the website: 

"I learned how to use AE by making promises to my clients I didn't know I could keep. It's easier to learn when you're getting paid" 
Bill O'Neil


  1. I like that quote...once you get out there in the 'real world', a lot of life pans out like this!! :)

  2. there's always a job you say 'yes' to, that you don't know how to do, and you're terrified you're going to be 'found out' or fuck it up - but the truth is that much of the world runs like this - and don't ever believe otherwise; it means the only difference between transformation and staying put is 'feeling the fear and doing it anyway!' :)

  3. I can pay you with ice creams for doing tutorials you got from me.